We produce in Europe.

Our products are finished in small quantities in carefully selected (mostly family-owned) businesses, primarily in Europe. We are happy when we visit these companies and see how European craftsmanship is being sustained in this way, how knowledge passed down through generations goes into the creation of the products and that the work is being performed in humane conditions.

This makes all the difference.

Production in Europe contributes to sustainability because short transport routes are guaranteed to reduce the strain on the environment. It also ensures checks are made on the origin of the yarns, the processing of the fabrics and any finishings, such as prints and appliqués. Those employed by textile companies deserve a fair wage and we are contributing to that with our orders.
We are aware that this wouldn’t work if we were always working towards finding a cheaper price. We are resisting this trend with a vengeance!

And we want it to stay that way.

We look for people and companies to develop products together with us who realize the value of a responsible and sustainable business strategy.
We offer transparency and guarantee this through certification — up to the accordance of GOTS (‘Global Organic Textile Standard’), the most highly recognized certificate for sustainability in the textile industry worldwide.